mercoledì 14 dicembre 2011

Welcome to our little space!

Hi, it's Perseo speaking here, hi to you all, this is our new blog! :)

I put it online to share some thoughts and feelings about our music and to talk about our work and maybe our lyrics and other (hopefully) interesting things like music recording, production and related.

In this first post I would like to talk about something that got me busy in the last months, before I started  producing Lunocode's new album Celestial Harmonies, that will be released on January 10 2012 by Spider Rock Promotion.

I love very much science, and I love very much philosophy as well, plus, I am a very thoughfull person, I'm really in love with Carl Sagan's work and also I recently discovered a writer that I never heard of before called William Olaf Stapledon. In fact I found an old italian edition of "Starmaker" in the house we rent this summer when we played at Alive Music Festival in Barletta and, as I am a curious person, I googled for it and I found an old edition of "First and Last Men" and "Starmaker", I bought them and read them. I spent quite some time reading those wonderful books and also watching all the 13 episodes of "Cosmos: A personal view" by Carl Sagan as well as reading his "Contact" novel. This gave me continuous I decided to put togheter the thoughts and feelings that I was gathering. A very good story (in my opinion it's really a good story) formed in my mind and so this is the birth of "The Origins of Matter and Life" concept, something that I'm really proud of!
Another great book that inspired me so much is "Deciphering the cosmic number", by Arthur I. Miller, the story of the relation between Pauli and Jung and Pauli's obsession for the number 137.

This is the story about what gave me inspiration to write great part of the lyrics for the album, I can't go deeply into the concept of the suite by now but I promise that I will do it in the next months, after the album is released. I don't want to spoil the story for you when the album is not yet officially released! :)

I would love if someone, reading my lyrics, felt the need to talk with me about those grand themes every song of the album (not only the songs of the suite) gravitate around.

Thanks to everyone of you who will join the conversation and remember: we will find ourselves united and we'll let the light surround us in the heart of the world!! :)


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